Monday, 20 April 2015

Twice as Nice; Twice as Awesome

At first JK said: 
Being a fat kid, health was never a priority. Especially considering my parents were working, it didn't help that my grandmother fed me like a starving child. Bordering on obesity throughout school and college (with the nickname "hippo", not even "baby hippo"- school kids are mean!), then, life happened. And I lost all that weight/ baby fat using a combination of stress, stress, a little more stress, unrelenting exercise, starvation and being secretly proud of my jutting collar and hip bones. Little did I know that once the stress and starvation is removed from the picture, I would just as easily pile the kilos back on. Lo and behold, I was staring at an older, much wiser (debatable), fatter self in the mirror! One thing I was certainly not counting on was my skin appearing dull, dry and lifeless. It did not help that I was providing no nutrition to my body whatsoever. 

And then SD said: 

And I was as skinny as skinny could be, without even trying! From well meaning aunties asking my mom why she refused to feed me, to mean classmates calling me everything from sukdi to agarbatti, I heard it all! Instead of eating healthy, which I should have done, I drowned my sorrows in a strange combo of greasy moisturizer, water and talcum powder...
Acne in preteens, braces on my teeth, and a malnourished frame - I was like every awkward middleschooler ever! Hell, I invented the concept!

So JK continued:
Taking control of my weight and body into my own hands, I started a healthy combination of exercise and diet. This no doubt did wonders to my figure. Alas, the assumptions and stupidity of youth (there should be a self help book for the youth on the lines of "Youth for Dummies"). Thinking who needs to give special attention to skin when one is on a healthy diet I set off, yet again, on a slippery slope downhill. Having achieved the body of my dreams and the skin of a middle aged woman, I was left questioning my appearance. 
SD replied:
I had to do something too. This was just not working in a world where appearance matters big time. I tried the unhealthy approach first - paneer and pakodas every day! And a healthier one next - jogging in the morning. Sure, looked khaate-peete ghar ki now, but the face? Still showed signs of adulterated moisturizer abuse!
And then we discovered the Garnier Pure Active Combo!*
Garnier pack- Image by Diva on a Budget*
Garnier scrub- Image by Diva on a Budget*
Garnier Face Wash- Image by Diva on a Budget
Now, I (SD) have already used up a couple of tubes of the face wash, so I already know how it works. It's really mild and smells really - green! I do not know how to explain it well, but it reminds me of greenery and woods and grass... But not an annoying herbal scent. More like a nice herbal scent!! :)

Priced at INR 90 for 100g (there's a small tube for INR 50) this is really pocket friendly. 
Packaging: It has a tight flip cap, which makes it safe to carry.*
Image by Diva on a Budget
Consistency: Just right! And love the green color!*
Image by Diva on a Budget
Quite a few of the usual suspects, along with tea tree oil*
Image by Diva on a Budget*
Image by Diva on a Budget
Shelf life: 3 years
Now let's talk about the scrub. Remember how I (SD) told you in one of my previous posts that TNC's Kiwi Hand Cream smells exactly like "sweet oats". Garnier Pure Active Exfoliating Scrub with Apricot extracts smells exactly the same!!! It's uncanny!*
Image by Diva on a Budget*
Image by Diva on a Budget
Similarly packaged, with a tight flip cap. It is priced at INR 115 for 100g. 
A lot of fruit extracts, I see!*
Image by Diva on a Budget
Shelf life: 36 months
Not-very-coarse granules. They say you can use it every day, but I prefer to use it on alternate days.

Our experience!
While SD is a fan of the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash, JK is blown away by how bright her face looks one day after using Garnier Pure Active Exfoliating Apricot Face Scrub. This is the first time JK is using a face scrub, so she loves how smooth and bright her face looks the next day. 
SD says, while the stubborn acne marks do not go, the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash has certainly prevented any new ones from cropping up.
Power of two? We think so too!!! :)
SD ( and JK ( are participating in Garnier Pure Active's #TwiceAsNiceActivity!!
Disclaimer: The samples were sent by Garnier

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