Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Arranged Marriage Saga: Overhear-ment

You realize that you are having an out of body experience when overhear your mom speaking to a relative about your horoscope. And then, you hear only snippets of what mom is saying over the phone, which sound vaguely like this:
1. A lot of agreement interjected with "aha!", "oho!", "accha!", "okay!", "yes, yes!", "aamaam" (Tamil for 'yes')
2. She is 23 now.
3. When? 2015 aa? If not 2015 then when? 3years later? That's too late!
4. Yes, she wants to study further, so we are thinking of someone in the US.
5. Yes, we are coming down south in x month, this year.
6. Why don't you ask ABC Mama to do some introductions? I don't want her to get annoyed, though. Just tell him to do everything subtly.

The moment you hear all that, you feel like doing an epic facepalm and want to move away from everything.

The fact that you are 23 is of great consequence to everyone but you. While your parents are more interested in negotiating a life partner for you, here you are, giving your exams and awaiting the next party with your friends. And the fact that you still laugh at fart jokes puts on display the mental and emotional maturity of a five year old. Maybe even that five year old is more mature? Possibly. 

Anyway, it takes a lot of time for the fact to sink in. It has been 48 hours since the trauma and it still hasn't hit home.

Now, I wonder what is going to happen on our trip down south. Stay tuned!

*I think the tags on this post will sum up my emotions right now*